As Principal of Integrity Healthcare Advisors, Jim serves our clients primarily in areas of process improvement and operations excellence. Jim is the guy who can tear a clock apart, fix it, and put it back together again and he applies that same skill to systems and processes that are cumbersome, aged, and lacking in an organized work flow.  Like Dotty, Jim’s been in healthcare “forever” and has a unique skill of understanding the importance of the business principles behind every healthcare process.  He’ll help your team do what they do, better, and in a way that honors the teammate, the customer, and the investor by delivering exceptional results.  Jim has enjoyed a dynamic management career directing teams, problem solving and selling systems and products within a competitive business market. He is expert in providing leadership through direction, motivation, coaching, skill development, product knowledge, industry knowledge, competitive knowledge, performance management, and company knowledge resulting in top producers.  You’ll find Jim to be an excellent communicator with the ability to effectively manage change.

Jim demonstrates achievements in:

  • Business Planning and Forecasting
  • Winning Team Development
  • Pricing and Service Management
  • Leadership and Development of Diverse Teams
  • Turnaround Underperforming Teams
  • Project Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Call Center Development and Strategy
  • Strategic Sales and Market Share Analysis
  • Competitive New Product Launch
  • Systems Development and Integration
  • Work Flow Development
  • Change Management
  • Active Board of Managers Participation