I’m a woman and I’m voting for Trump…and, other conservative minded women should, too


Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about Trump’s lackluster performance in the polls with “white middle class suburban women”.  Pundits point to this voting block’s lack of support for Donald Trump as if the bigmouth narcissist’s abhorrent behavior is uniquely awful, the likes of which just doesn’t exist in modern society.  Phooey.  Frankly, as a female business executive who has been surrounded by my share of powerful, cocky men for decades, I find Trump’s lack of verbal self-control to be refreshingly honest.  Trump simply (albeit sometimes insultingly) says out loud what he thinks about everything, and that includes what he thinks about women.  Heck, I think we might be surprised Trump says what a lot of men think about women but just don’t say it out loud where we can hear them.  I’ll take that lack of filter any day over dealing with someone who thinks one thing and says another.  For those “suburban white women” who don’t have the opportunity as I do to see behind the curtain every day, I think you may have a warped view of how some successful professional businessmen act.  I’ve sat in a lot of rooms listening to language similar to that being highlighted by Trump detractors, by men who forgot (or didn’t care) that I was the only woman in the room.  However, that doesn’t mean it translated into discrimination. I’ve earned numerous professional opportunities from these same men who recognized talent without regard for gender.  In my experience, people with this brutally direct personality trait also tend to be extremely intelligent, loyal and trustworthy. And, as a bonus, we won’t have to worry that anyone will ever wonder where he or she stands with a president Trump!

This election will be about choosing the future direction of our nation, not about how much we like the flawed candidates who will be our choice on either side of the aisle.  It’s not about the gender of the candidates, either.  As a woman, if you support the liberal feminist policies of the left, you have no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton.  As a conservative feminist, I want to support the first female presumptive nominee for president, but I just can’t.  In my opinion her policies are bad for the unborn, for women, for our country, and bad for our children and grandchildren. Vote for Hillary if you agree with her, but don’t vote for her just because she’s a woman and Donald Trump isn’t.  I want the first female president of the United States to hold a worldview that values life and the constitution, so I’ll wait another cycle and hope the Republicans will be ready to put up a warrior woman next time.

For today, I will vote for Donald Trump.  Not because he shares my conservative values or my worldview, but because I believe he will support freedom, respect the constitution, grow the economy, and focus on keeping our country safe and strong.  It’s the very traits people point to as his flaws that are bringing more Americans into this political conversation.  Imagine the ratings for his state of the union addresses!  Citizens will tune in to hear frank truths instead of poll-tested talking points written on a prompter.  As a country we’ll be more engaged and participating in our future instead of waiting for what might happen to us.  Donald Trump and his narcissistic personality just may be the thing we’ve needed to wake this country up.  As a conservative woman, I believe this is the best opportunity I’ve had in my lifetime to make a difference with my vote.  Because of that, I proudly stand with Trump.


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