Remote Support of Teams, Can it Work?

If you haven’t done this yet, increase your communication with your team in intentional ways.  Pick up some ancient and beneficial performance management techniques, like writing handwritten notes to thank your team.  Share a meal over video, where everyone receives a pizza delivery for example and you all laugh and share over a video chat while sharing a team lunch.


Business Travelers: Don’t leave home without these 3 things!

If you’re a road warrior you have developed tricks of the trade too, like the perfect overhead space position for your bag, and what belongs in that extra ziplock bag that can never leave your briefcase. I’ve learned however that these three things are even more important than having a sewing kit, allergy medication and a highlighter with me.


Why embracing the patient portal will save your practice time and money.

Train your staff first, teach them how using the portal will make their jobs easier and save the practice money, and then encourage your staff to talk to patients about it routinely. Every single patient should be asked at check-in, “Are you using our EHR?” If they aren’t, staff should understand why so they can offer help, and encourage its use.


Make certain your goals are SMART (cliché, but it works)!

I like the SMART approach to writing goals because its thoughtful, easy, makes sense, and for me fits nicely into my organized way of thinking. Here’s a reminder of the tried and true method for your New Year goal setting using the smart approach:


DO BETTER! Here are four things to remember when delivering tough performance conversations:

There comes a time in every leader’s journey when you need to deliver tough conversations for the purpose of improvement. I’ve had many of these tough conversations over my decades of experience in leadership, and I’ve certainly gotten better in the delivery overtime. Here are four things that will make these conversations easier for you to deliver, and more meaningful for the recipient.


Dreaming of Publishing a Book? 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

If you dream about writing a book, I’m confident you can do it.  The sense of accomplishment will be rewarding.  With all the resources available today for self-publishing writers, there’s really nothing preventing you from getting that book out of your head.


3 ways to show workplace gratitude!

I love thanksgiving week because for a short time our groupthink is focused on the simpler things of life. But the thankful heart that persists all year long is the one to be especially grateful for.


3 Reasons To Surround Yourself With People You Trust

A smart businessman once told me, “Don’t lie to people you trust, and don’t trust people who lie.” It was sage advice. Unfortunately, I was young and inexperienced and failed to see he was someone I couldn’t trust in that workplace and so his advice, while true, was folly for me and I missed his warning shot.


Three ways to Strengthen Friendships Across Political Lines (and take the high ground)

God is still on the throne, and His kingdom purpose still remains. And that purpose is greater than any election outcome. I look forward to seeing you on the high ground!


5 Ways to Relieve Stress During the Holidays

On January 1, 2017 you want to wake up fondly remembering the past few months, not relieved they are over. Consider adopting these stress relievers. I’m confident they’ll make a difference in your appreciation of the season!