Business Travelers: Don’t leave home without these 3 things!


I’ve traveled a lot in my professional career over the past 15 years and have learned a lot about what to pack for efficiency and organization’s sake. If you’re a road warrior you have developed tricks of the trade too, like the perfect overhead space position for your bag, and what belongs in that extra ziplock bag that can never leave your briefcase. I’ve learned however that these three things are even more important than having a sewing kit, allergy medication and a highlighter with me. I never leave home without them:

Self Respect. Every time our daughters left our side growing up we’d tell them Remember Who You Are. Those four words pack a huge meaning. They are a reminder to act in all situations in a way that honors what you know to be true and right. Don’t compromise your integrity or self-respect to land a deal or get a new client. Be conscious in every interaction of who you say you are and what behaviors properly reflect that persona. This strategy will keep your integrity intact whether you’re about to roll your eyes at the infrequent traveler holding up the security line, or you’re trying to convince yourself you’d do well to help a company that you know isn’t operating in the right. This may even help you say no to dessert at that fancy steakhouse. Who knows!

A Goal. What exactly will success look like for this trip? While this seems like a no-brainer, the more you travel, the more likely it is that its becoming more instinct than planning. If you don’t have actual tangible, measurable goals for your trip then you won’t know upon your return whether you succeeded or not. Based on the nature of the business the trip entails, set three goals before you board the plan. These will focus your efforts and should include an easy goal, a moderate goal, and a swing for the fences goal. Write the goals down, and then find great satisfaction in highlighting them when you meet them!

My Running Shoes. When you spend a lot of time on the road its easy to get isolated and even depressed. After all, the rental car is quiet, the restaurant meals for one boring, the hotel room is bland, and I miss my favorite friend – my husband. Pack your running shoes and take the opportunity to use downtime in the evening to get in shape. You’ve run out of excuses, now put on your running shoes and spend an hour in the hotel gym. You’ll find your psyche and your cardiovascular system will appreciate this time you spend on you.  And so will your coworkers or clients when you’re feeling better about yourself!

Happy travels! Dotty


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