Women of Faith in the Marketplace: Finding Your Kingdom Purpose

You lead by serving, you serve by leading, and you are called to minister with a power that transcends all labels and definitions.


What’s In A Name?

The culture of a workplace matters because people matter. Calling others by their first name is one simple and profound way you can show those around you that you value their worth.


Leadership Matters: 3 Simple Things Great Leaders Do

Leadership matters. Great leadership motivates teams to deliver spectacular results. Making minor tweaks to improve your leadership in these three areas will reap big dividends! Your team will thank you, and the return on investment will be worth it!


Lost luggage, grocery carts and other musing…

Customer satisfaction fosters loyalty. Loyalty fosters a repeat customer. Repeat customers result in referrals to your business. And that all equates to success. As you optimize and process improve, consider the impact on your customer first:


4 Leadership Lessons from the Life of David

Mentoring is probably the best honor a leader can be given. Teach, train, pour in, and support those around you. Lead by example, and leave any workplace better because of the success you’ve planted in your wake.


Business Travel: Carry On These Three Things

I’ve learned however that these three things are even more important than having a sewing kit, allergy medication and a highlighter with me.