The Power (you get from giving) Praise

How we recognize the presence, impact and value of those around us in any situation is important. Whether it’s a simple interaction with a stranger in the grocery store, or a formal performance discussion with a teammate, your words have the ability to encourage, motivate, and lift up others in powerful ways.


3 Ways Leaders Can Set the Right Example

The truth is, behaviors are contagious, we remember what we see, and all of us influence those around us by our actions, every single day.


Rocks To Remember All He’s Done For You…

Build your own “rock wall” of all the Lord has done for you as you walk in your appointed mission field. It will remind you that you don’t have to worry how you’ll get across the raging waters, and that you have the best business partner in the Holy Spirit residing right inside you.


ACT NOW! THIS DEAL WON’T LAST LONG! (But ignore if you’re an existing customer!)

I think businesses need to be confident in the value of their product or service, and skilled enough to sell it without a “deal”. As a business professional, do you think deals to new customers erode consumer trust, and ultimately the value of the brand?


Five Quick Mentoring Lessons

Any good mentor/mentee relationship grows both parties. Mentoring takes time, mutual respect and commitment, and it can be the most rewarding thing you ever get to do.


3 Ways to Counter WORRY

I’m a firm believer in not just offering advice (which your life experience may perfectly situate you to do), but also in helping people find promise, direction and confidence to grow on their own. How do you support your friends while encouraging their independent growth? Here’s some good advice you can offer the worriers:


Do you wallow? Or choose to praise?

In times of sorrow and despair, choose to worship the creator of the universe. And He will give you peace.


We aren’t promised tomorrow…

Life is too short. How many of us are in need of reconciliation? How many of us think it will come in time if you just do nothing and wait? What if you have no time?


I’m a woman and I’m voting for Trump…and, other conservative minded women should, too

As a conservative woman, I believe this is the best opportunity I’ve had in my lifetime to make a difference with my vote.


It Makes You Strong!

Just as the scripture tells us, God wants us to look at Him all the time. All the time. Seek Him all the time.