4 Leadership Lessons from the Life of David


By most standards, King David is an example of one of the greatest leaders of all time.  You can find his journey in the Old Testament if you’d like to learn more. Despite his human frailty and failings, he was used in the bible as a model for all other kings to follow. Here are a few notable lessons worth following:

Understand that life is a journey. 

And what a journey it is.  David’s life was anointed at a young age but it certainly did take a lot of twists and turns and certainly wasn’t without conflict, danger, and potholes in the road.  Don’t let a temporary obstacle define you – your life is a journey, too, and the best probably lies ahead!

Have courage in the face of challenges and for goodness sakes don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and admit that you make silly mistakes.  And recognize that not everyone wants you to be successful.  So what!  Do your best, face challenges with integrity, control what you can control, and move on!

Be nice to people.  

When we use our authority to encourage people and to show kindness to them, it can have a powerful impact.  And the best way to diffuse ornery people is to cover them with kindness.  After all, name one benefit you get by being mean.  You might think, “satisfaction” but alas that would be short lived.  Be nice to your enemies and that feeling of satisfaction will last a lifetime.  And, as a benefit, your example just might make them better people for the next interaction.

Leave a legacy through other people.  

Train up mighty warriors who will do better things than you have, like David did. “David trained up other mighty warriors who did exploits beyond him (2Sam 23:8-39). Mentoring is probably the best honor a leader can be given.  Teach, train, pour in, and support those around you.  Lead by example, and leave any workplace better because of the success you’ve planted in your wake.



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