3 ways to show workplace gratitude!


1.    Give thanks and give it often. 

Don’t be stingy with appreciation! Thanksgiving isn’t just a day on the calendar.  It is a heart exercise, being mindful of people, circumstances, attitudes and abilities that make your situation what it is.  Imagine if before your feet even hit the ground each morning you listed in your mind ten things you were grateful for.  Wouldn’t that lay a great foundation for a positive day? And, it’s a lot better than thinking about things you could be worrying about.

2.    Personally recognize people for their contributions. 

Whether your workplace is enjoying year to date success or lagging far behind in choppy waters, find and recognize the efforts of those who persevere.  The ability of a leader to recognize individual and group successes in any situation is a gift that will motivate and inspire in remarkable ways.  Don’t assume people know you appreciate their hard work and effort.  Instead, take the time to personally show your appreciation in personal ways.  One of my favorites is to write hand-written notes that call out specific accomplishments, sent through the good old-fashioned snail-mail to the recipient.  In this age of electronic communication, this extra effort really goes to show gratitude that is genuine.  Don’t underestimate the power of a personal “thank you”.  While recognizing team success is important, when you recognize individual accomplishments, it shows you really understand how individual efforts led to the team success.

3.    Intentionally act to be a blessing to others.

Be the type of person other people will be thankful for.  Intentionally act in ways that edify and lift others up.  Take time to lend a hand.  From a simple act, like smiling and engaging eye contact in an elevator, or a more difficult act like taking time to mentor a newbie who could benefit from your attention.  Are people thankful for you when they make their morning list?  Make it your job to treat others the way you’d want to be treated.  Isn’t that the best way to show your gratitude to others, after all?

I love thanksgiving week because for a short time our groupthink is focused on the simpler things of life.  But the thankful heart that persists all year long is the one to be especially grateful for.  Commit to practicing gratitude beyond the holiday season, especially in the workplace.  You’ll find this thankful thinking to be rewarding to the entire team!


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